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Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group

2323 Old Highway Road
Charles City, IA 50616

Phone: 641-228-3099
Fax: 641-228-3121

Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group is a full service blow mold manufacturer based in Charles City, IA. Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group was formed in 2011 when Hawkeye Mold and Design, Inc. bought the assets of Preferred Tooling, Inc. in Shell Rock and combined both operations in the original Hawkeye facility in Charles City. Hawkeye Preferred designs and builds industrial blow molds for the plastics industry. Industries served include: Automotive, Heavy Truck, Agriculture, Lawn and Garden, large containers, and consumer goods.

Hawkeye Preferred utilizes high speed CNC machining, state of the art CAD/CAM software, and a very experienced group of employees to build complicated blow molds. Hawkeye Preferred also designs and builds head tooling, blow stands, and secondary finishing equipment. In 2013 a 5,500 sq. ft. addition was constructed to house plastic processing equipment. With the addition of three injection molding, one conventional and two 3-D blow molding machines, Hawkeye can now design a product, build the mold, and produce the part. This has allowed additional mold business to be generated as it positions Hawkeye to be one of the only full service blow mold manufacturers in the US.

Hawkeye Preferred has approx. 20 employees who travel to Charles City from a 45 mile radius. Hawkeye Preferred with its solid employee and customer base is poised for steady growth in the future.