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Charles City Area Development Corporation

401 North Main Street

Charles City, Iowa  50616-2021

Phone:  641.228.3020

FAX:  641.228.4744


Staff:  Timothy S. Fox,MPP, CED, EDFP, PCED, Executive Director

Cathy J. McGregor, Project Facilitator

Teri Lokenvitz, Executive Assistant



Charles City Area Development Corporation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Charles City Area Development Corporation is to create income and growth in the community through the development and retention of quality jobs. 


Charles City Area Development Corporation By-Laws

The By-Laws of the Charles City Area Development Corporation can be viewed at this link.  If you have any questions about the By-Laws, contact the CCADC office at 641-228-3020.

Are you looking for a job in Floyd County, Iowa?  Go to this site for job listings for Floyd County, Iowa.

Check out the North Central Iowa Alliance site for jobs available in the region.  Click here.


The comprehensive source for job services available to veterans.

If you’re a veteran or know someone who is, we encourage you to bookmark the Home Base Iowa site. Home Base Iowa is here to help veterans find jobs, explore career paths, and make a smooth transition to civilian life in Iowa.

In an ideal world, someone who has mastered the challenges of military life would find countless opportunities back home. Home Base Iowa has developed it’s site to provide countless resources on opportunities in Iowa.

It’s an honor to assist you in any way. That’s why the Home Base Iowa site features job postings, links to job fairs, and up-to-date information about educational opportunities, National Guard recruiting, job training, and much more.

If you have questions, please call 855-9HB-IOWA (855-942-4692) or email

Home Base Iowa and Skilled Iowa registration forms are available at the following links.

Home Base Iowa Business Enrollment Form

Skilled Iowa Registration Form

Floyd County Home Base Iowa Initiative

The state of Iowa has proactively become competitive in pursuit of transitioning military talent in creating the “Home Base Iowa” program in 2014.  Assistance is available for employment, housing and identifying communities where their skills shall be valued.  Home Base Iowa helps address Iowa’s middle-skill workforce gap. 

     This is a unique opportunity for businesses to access the wealth of talent and experience engendered within our military personnel.  Businesses have the opportunity to recruit prospective employees with technical and transferable skills.  Communities have the opportunity to add residents of high moral fiber, good work ethic and social productivity. 

     Floyd County was certified as a “Home Base Iowa Community” on 23 September 2014.

    The Floyd County Board of Supervisors is implementing the Home Base Iowa local veteran’s incentive by   offering a $10,000 loan to be used for down payment assistance, closing costs and/or home improvements at closing for a residence purchased in Floyd County.  Home improvement services and materials must be purchased in Floyd County.  The loan is repayable over five years at 0% interest.  A veteran is defined as: a. Meeting standards of service denoted in Chapter 35 "Veterans Affairs" subsection 35.1 "Definitions" of the Code of Iowa 2013; b. A federal status injured person having served in active duty; c. A surviving spouse of an eligible service person.

    Applicants must be employed at minimum 30 hours per week or have a conditional offer for employment.

    Floyd County will secure a mortgage upon the purchased real estate and recipient shall sign a Promissory Note. 

    Charles City Area Development Corporation shall administer the program.  It shall be the policy of the   Floyd County Board of Supervisors and the Charles City Area Development Corporation that no person shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, isability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program.

    While the primary intent is to serve veterans being discharged from service, current Floyd County employed veterans are eligible should they currently not own their own home in Floyd County and have not owned a home in Floyd County within the past five years and meet the veteran qualification under Chapter 35 of the Code of Iowa.

Floyd County Home Base Initiative Application


About Charles City, Iowa

Charles City (population 7,652), the county seat of Floyd County is situated along the Avenue of the Saints (Iowa 27) in northern Iowa.  Charles City is a significant commercial and transportation center for the area, located on U.S. Highways 18 and 218, Iowa Highway 14, and the Canadian National Railway Co. and the Canadian Pacific Railroad.
Charles City is known as the birthplace of the farm tractor in the early 1900's by the Hart-Parr Company.




[Charles City Area Development Corporation as Administrator]


The Floyd County Housing Trust Fund [“Trust Fund”] hereby provides its Statement of Activities for 2016:

The primary activity of the Trust Fund in 2016 is qualifying and subsequently financing furnace replacements to eligible single-family owner-occupied residences in Floyd County, Iowa within the following income categories:  0% - 30% median income and 31% - 50% median income. 

Project financing is proposed from awards by State Housing Trust Fund [Iowa Finance Authority], USDA Rural Housing Service Housing Preservation Grant [Section 533] and local match [Charles City Area Development Corporation].  The Trust Fund will also apply for funding from foundations, businesses, other units of government, etc., as opportunities present themselves.    

2016 Floyd County Housing Trust Fund Furnace Replacement Program Guidelines and Applications

PDF Forms Link

Windows Forms Link

Please click on the above links to access the Guidelines and Applications for the 2016 Floyd County Housing Trust Fund Furnace Replacement Program.


Floyd County Housing Trust Fund

Housing Assistance Plan [HAP] 2016


The Floyd County Housing Trust Fund has enjoyed much success with its Furnace Replacement Program.  This Program is socially useful, in that it directly benefits those single-family residences most in need via provision of an essential service. 

The Program also confers benefits to the environment.  The program reduces carbon dioxide emissions while providing energy conservation savings.  Its 2015 work activity provided 30 furnace replacements county-wide.  21 of the furnaces were awarded to very-low income residents and 9 to low-income residents. 

In designing its 2016 work plan, the Trust Fund Board of Directors considered the array of low-income housing issues within Floyd County.  As it does not appear that homelessness is evident in this jurisdiction, the Board contemplated means to provide meaningful benefits to those most in need while using the funding impetus constructively.

In acknowledgement of burgeoning societal and governmental priorities, the Board insists upon a “green” initiative.  The project must necessarily confer environmental benefit for the recipient and on a global perspective.  Secondly, it must be used to improve existing housing stock; the average Floyd County single-family residence is markedly more aged than the average for the state of Iowa. 

The Board finds all three indicators satisfied within continuance of the county-wide furnace replacement program.  Buttressing this argument is that 2015 Housing Trust Fund furnace replacement recipients indicated high degree of satisfaction with the program. 

The 2010 U.S. Census revealed that the homeowner rate for Floyd County was 75.9%, compared to 73.0% for Iowa as a whole.  However, there is need for increased quantities of workforce housing.  The Allied Subdivision in Charles City has plans for eight new units.  Also in Charles City, at former site of Jefferson School, the Parkside Development project is taking place.  This “NetZero” project will create as much energy as it will use.  30 units are planned; applicants at up to 80% median income are eligible for a 25% down payment grant, or $37,500.  As both these referenced projects already have direct homeowner down payment assistance mechanisms, the Trust Fund need not be involved with that aspect.  Nora Springs has the new Farm View First Addition with 12 lots available, and one house has been built.     

In June 2009, the Iowa Policy Project noted that the average Iowa home monthly electric bill in 2007 was $83.65.  Persons earning between 50% and 85% of the federal poverty level in Iowa spend between 9.6% and 25.3% of monthly income on home energy, while 6% of income is considered an affordable bill.

The average cost per thousand cubic feet of natural gas in Iowa in 2008 was $12.42; therefore the average natural gas bill per Iowa resident was $1,160.03.  This reflects the $12.42 per unit cost times the average Iowa residential demand of 93.4 MMBtu [Energy Information Administration].  Therefore, the average annual heating and electric tally per Iowa residential household is $2,157.59.  Furthermore, Floyd County is in the northern portion of the state, dictating higher heating costs than the state norm.  The Board seeks means to ameliorate energy costs proving detrimental to very-low and low-income residents.  Also, homes heated by propane or heating oil most likely face higher utility costs than natural gas users.   

In light of all these contributing factors, the Trust Fund is maintaining its operation of the Furnace Replacement Program in 2016.  While it is cognizant of the need for new housing, it is felt that reinvestment into existing stock is at this juncture the preferred option.  This may change as housing demand and markets are continuously changing. 

The Floyd County Housing Trust Fund intends to apply for $45,379 from the State Housing Trust Fund.  Total project cost is $56,723.75.  Charles City Area Development Corporation, the Floyd County Housing Trust Fund administrator, has applied for a $16,369.72 grant from the USDA Section 533 Housing Preservation Grant program.  It is estimated that 18 homes will receive replacements within the 2016 Floyd County Housing Trust Fund Furnace Replacement Program; 9 will be afforded those below 30% median income and 9 with incomes between 31% - 50% median.  Local cash match, as committed by Charles City Area Development Corporation, is $11,344.75.   



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