Why Greater Floyd County


Whether your business needs involve state-of-the-art industrial development parks, a skilled and dependable labor pool, access to transportation and communications, or business assistance and incentives, Charles City has the tools for growth – for developing a strong economic development base. Charles City is right for your business – has the right people – right now.

Qualified, Available Workforce

Whether your business involves the high-tech or the high-touch, Charles City and its surrounding communities have the right ingredients to ensure the right people for the right job. You’ll find a dependable labor force that draws upon more than nine counties and 80,000 workers. Our workforce has the roots of the Midwestern work ethic that still runs strong and deep, and a culture that accepts and embraces lifelong learning as a way of life. Our academic and vocational resources and facilities are both wide in scope and narrow in focus, including quality curriculum provided by North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in nearby Mason City and its Charles City campus.

Excellent Infrastructure – Transportation

From water and sewer lines to trucks and train lines, Charles City offers excellent infrastructure. Much of the city’s physical infrastructure was rebuilt after a major tornado strike in 1968. What could have been a devastating event to some cities only strengthened the resolve of Charles City residents to build for the future. An attitude you’ll find just as strong today.

Ample Industrial Sites

Industrial parks are ready for business and industry. Utilities and access to transportation are already in place. We’re ready for your decision to make the move.

Community Commitment To Growth

Here, you’ll find a community where people care about and enjoy one another, and dynamic enough to make it a prime area for industrial and business development. The Charles City Area Development Corporation (CCADC) has the tools for industry and the economic engines to fuel growth. You need it, we’ve got it, regardless of your customer profile or your geographic market base. Our goal and purpose is not only to respond to your existing needs but to anticipate changes in your business and markets. As any of our existing businesses will attest, we are a true partner in their success – and in the success of any business or industry considering a move to our community. When your company looks to expand or needs to find a place that is more user-friendly to do business, check out Charles City and Floyd County. Your only regret will be that you didn’t discover Charles City a lot sooner.

Premier Location

Today’s businesses on the move will soon be discovering one of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets. In progressive Charles City, Iowa, forward-thinking and forward-looking developments are coming together like never before. One of the most far-reaching involves the completion of the Avenue of the Saints freeway. This superhighway extends from St. Louis to Minneapolis/St. Paul, bringing the business of America right to Charles City. This connection provides access to all sides of the United States by Interstate Highway, creating yet another bridge to a stellar future.

2019 Charles City, Iowa Laborshed Area

A Laborshed area is defined by its commuting pattern and illustrates which communities contribute to an employment center’s workforce and at what level. To determine the boundaries of a Laborshed area, local employers supply the residential ZIP codes of each of their employees. The data in this publication reflects characteristics specific to the workforce in the Charles City Laborshed area.